Monday, March 5, 2012

Bachelor Kisses by Nick Earls

I audio-read Nick Earls' Bachelor Kisses over a couple of weeks of walks with the dogs. Briefly, the story follows the 1980s activities of Jon, a young medic, as he deals with his odd housemates (Jen, who has men coming out her ears, and Rick, who would love to have women coming out his ears but whose tie collection and Porky Pig doona cover doom him to lonely nights), his attraction to the (female) nurse of the species, various patients, other doctors, Monte Carlo biscuits and a growing fascination with research into depression and a possible treatment. All this activity is conducted to the theme song of The Go-Betweens' Bachelor Kisses.
I enjoyed the story a lot, despite an occasional desire to kick Jon in the pants. It is funny in an ironic way... but less sweet-natured than Story of Butterfish. Recommended for anyone who enjoys a good romp with serious overtones and a hapless hero.

Disclaimer - the image is not of the audio book, but of a paperback edition from Penguin. Picture found on-line because my own paperback copy is down in my library shed among a couple of thousand other books. I love audio books which is why I chose to audio-read this one despite owning it in paperback.