Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wind Song by Rita Karnopp. Guest Reviewer - Robin Smith.

Here is the first of my guest reviewers. Robin Smith has sent in the following review of Wind Song. I have not yet read the book myself, but I have heard good reports of it.

Title: Wind Song
Category: Indian Historical
Reviewer: Robin Smith
Reviewer's email: Robbibird3@aol.com
Author: Rita Karnopp
Publisher: Eternal Press
Release date: January 2008

Author's homepage: http://www.ritakarnopp.com
Format: EBOOK


An Indian seeress meets with an enemy... or is he? Will she convince her chief not to sign the treaty being presented to him? Will city-slicker Marsh learn the ways of the west?

Leota is on the sacred mountain fasting as she waits for a vision for her people. Sometimes she wishes that she didn't have such a revered gift. She receives a vision and needs to tell her chief not to sign the treaty being presented to him. Will he listen? Or will he accept the lies of the white man Stevens?

Marsh is a city slicker who happens to be a lawyer. He arrives too late to see his brother and sister-in-law alive. He is met by an angry teenaged Tanner, whose cocky attitude may cause problems, not to mention that he's gung-ho for revenge against the mountain men who killed his family. Marsh has a lot to learn from Tanner in the ways of the wilderness. Will Tanner learn anything from Marsh?

Meanwhile, Leota has run into a problem with enemy Crows which has landed her on the side of a cliff. The Crows are arguing over what to do about her while she has a series of visions. Most would have died from the fall but she survives. Down below, unknown to the Crow, are Tanner and Marsh, who insists that the unidentified woman be saved. Tanner's father would have done the same, so the boy agrees. Will Leota make it safely off the cliff? Will Tanner and Marsh be the heroes of the day? No spoilers here folks.

Ms. Karnopp's work is new to this reviewer. I enjoy meeting new talent as well as new to me seasoned veterans of the writing world. WIND SONG is a damn good book. I will happily recommend this book to readers everywhere. This book is teeming with rich characters and places, along with factual tidbits here and there. The author has a rare gift that draws the readers into the book so they feel and act with Leota.

Thumbs up salute to you, Ms. Karnopp! You'll be a repeat offender in my reading repertoire.

Thank you, Robin! I appreciate this contribution to Read and Reviewed.

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