Saturday, January 19, 2008

Guest Review of O'Connor's Last Stand

Today's guest reviewer is author Ginger Simpson, who has chosen to send in a pre-publication review of O'Connor's Last Stand. This is my own paranormal romance thriller, set in the Australian Outback and to be published by Eternal Press. I was somewhat surprised to receive a review of one of my own books but here it is! Thanks, Ms Simpson!

O'Connor's Last Stand, By Sally Odgers.

An upcoming release from

Anna Bell takes a job from an old acquaintance, Asia Franklin, to escape someone in her past. Anna's history is secret and her name is an alias, but she seriously tries to fit in with the men at Ballahoo Station. Her real dilemma begins when she takes Pepper Tess, Asia's temperamental old mare, and rides out to check the fence lines of the Australian ranch... and to hide something important. She's warned to avoid O'Connor's Leap.

Flynn O'Connor dwells in a cave in the middle of nowhere. His memory is sketchy at best, but all that matters is he's waiting for his true love, Eliza, to meet him so they can steal away and spend their lives together. He recalls that she has a husband, but in his mind, his Eliza belongs with him and she's promised to come. He'll wait forever it that's what it takes.

While Anna camps, a noise spooks her horse and she's left stranded. In her attempt to find shelter from an oncoming sandstorm, she takes a tumble and ends up being nursed by Flynn. During their confinement, they share information, but something doesn't seem right to Anna. Flynn's recollections are archaic. She also discovers he's the one who spooked Pepper Tess. Why then isn't he burned from the branch she thrust at him? His Irish brogue captures her attention, but his warmth and caring captures her heart.

Without giving away too much of the story, I simply have to rave about Sally Odgers', O'Connor's Last Stand. I had the opportunity to read it before its release, and I must say somewhere there has to be a television producer looking for great material for a movie. This is it. I found myself gasping at the ending chapter hooks, and holding my breath during a sandstorm so real that I feared I might inhale the dust. Mix some paranormal with mystery and romance, and you have a magical concoction. Sally Odgers is an amazing story teller.

Reviewed by,
Ginger Simpson, Author

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wendy said...

A rave review, indeed. Well done, Sally.