Friday, March 27, 2009

Guest Reviewer - Von Gobstopper's Arcade

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VON GOBSTOPPER’S ARCADE by Alexandra Adornetto (HarperCollins, 2009, RRP: $19.99)
Reviewed by Brenton Cullen

17 year old whiz author, Alexandra Adornetto, makes a wonderful and enchanting impression with her latest novel, the third and last book in her highly-acclaimed series, The Strangest Adventures. Yet again we meet our main protagonists, Milli and Ernest, who are very excited, along with the rest of the children of Drabville, after a toy arcade is opened by acclaimed toy maker, Gustav Von Gobstopper, in their very honor. Milli and Ernest and the rest of their class at their new school St Erudite visit there on an excursion and soon find themselves becoming allies with several amazing talking toys.

There, they learn of a macabre plot to destroy Christmas for the town, led by the, yet again, Lord Aldor, now transformed and going by the title of Dr Illustrious. Will the two children finally defeat Lord Aldor, or, will this be their final showdown …. ?

Adornetto’s book is amusing, enchanting, and quite original. The plotlines and characters are very quirky, which is a good thing. However, some of the too-big language used in the door and narrative rambling leads the reader out of the story.

Nonetheless, highly recommended!
5 stars

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