Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ghostly Menage, by Alysha Ellis (Adults Only)

My guest reviewer today is Trent Kinsey, who has reviewed Alysha Ellis's Ghostly Menage, published by Eternal Press. Before you proceed, you should know this book and hence the review, is for adults only.

Trent says:

For those who don’t know me, I am a fan of horror and its likes, my favorite being the psychological horrors. The ones that dig deep in your head and nest for a while, always leaving you questioning your own sanity. With that said, for someone like me to pick up a book such as Ghostly Ménage by Alysha Ellis, you would probably think it’s because the word “ghost” appears in the title. You would be partially right. I will say I picked the book up without any preconceived ideas of what story I would be reading and there is no doubt in my mind I am truly happy that I read Alysha’s tale. First let me dispense with the background of the story so I can get to what really turned the gears in my head as I read page after page after page. Quick and dirty: Kelsie, under those circumstances we find ourselves in from time to time, is required to stay with her aunt for a couple of days. Maud, Kelsie’s aunt, believes the house she resides in is plagued with a poltergeist and contracts the services of an exorcist to rid the entity from her home. Her aunt will not stay in a house by herself with a man present and thus Kelsie arrives to hang around until after the exorcism for her aunt’s benefit. Staying with her aunt, Kelsie learns ghosts are real and…real fun to have around. When I said I read page after page, I spoke lightly. I devoured Alysha’s tale and am extremely excited to read her next book, “Giving Up the Ghosts,” which awaits me on my phone for when I take my breaks at work. Alysha’s use of dialogue brought the characters from the page and turned them into living, breathing people. I’ve known people like Kelsie’s aunt Maud and could feel Kelsie’s irritation at her aunt’s opinion of her. The imagery and sensations Alysha inspires in her prose made me feel as if I was in the room as the events unfolded. To say the least, I could not put it down because I had to know what would happen next. Is it a malevolent poltergeist or a playful ghost? Could Kelsie be in danger or was it all in good fun? Alysha kept me reading so I could find the answers and satisfy my own distorted curiosity. All in all, I can’t wait to partake in Kelsie’s next adventure and am looking forward to more works by Alysha. Kudos to you Alysha and may the words continue to flow on the page for your future works.

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